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Dr Ferenc Hampel

Dr. Hampel Ferenc vagyok, ortopéd-traumatológus szakorvos.

Dr Ferenc Hampel



My name is Dr Ferenc Hampel, and I am an orthopedic traumatologist. There were several doctors in our family going back generations so I did not even have to think much about what I should be as an adult. I also always loved DIY, so I did not have to think much about my specialization. Traumatology was a given.

I graduated from the Faculty of General Medicine at the University of Medicine in Szeged in 1994.

I passed my traumatology exam in 2004 and the orthopedic exam built on it in 2007. In the last 10 years, I have mostly dealt with the conservative and operative treatment of degenerative joint lesions, performed mainly elective, orthopedic surgeries, as well as large joint prosthetics surgeries (implantation of hip and knee prostheses). While my medical activity is not limited to surgical solutions, the rapid development of physiotherapy is also opening the world to more and more peaceful solutions for both doctors and patients as well. For many years, I have been of the view that implantation of a prosthesis should be a last resort, and in the meantime, all possible conservative treatments should be exhausted.

Due to my active sports life in the past, I treat athletes with chronic and acute musculoskeletal pain, complaints and injuries. Everyday people also often visit my office with limb, spine and other musculoskeletal complaints.

As a child, I used to live abroad for many years (my father was a Head and Neck Surgeon in Africa). I completed my elementary education in an American school, and graduated from high school in England.

Language skills

English, Hungarian