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Connective tissue massage

A gyógytorna és gyógymasszázs szakértő vezetés mellett enyhíti az ülő életmódból, sportsérülésből, balesetből, vagy posztoperatív állapottal együtt járó fájdalmakat.

A connective tissue massage does not require a prior medical examination.

About connective tissue massage

During the massage, the massage therapist uses their fingers to map the area to be treated. After the treatment, the rigid and fixed connective tissues become flexible and movable.

As a result:

  • the shortened, tight and stuck muscles and nerves are released
  • their range of motion increases
  • and pain in the affected area is reduced.

Treatable symptoms::

  • Rigid muscle tissue restricting range of motion or placing the body out of its balanced position, and therefore causing hip or shoulder overload on either side.
  • Feeling of intense pressure on muscles and joints causing pain.
  • Body pain anywhere: head, neck, shoulders, back, chest, abdomen, waist, hips, groin and limbs

Connective tissue massage cannot be used in some cases.

Such as:

  • fever
  • alcoholism
  • hemorrhagic disease
  • infectious disease
  • vascular occlusion
  • high degree of varicose veins
  • acute venous disease