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Body composition measurement

A testösszetétel mérés segítségével a BMI indexnél jóval pontosabb és objektívebb képet nyerhetünk az izom és a zsírszövetek arányáról.

Body composition measurement does not require a prior medical examination.

What happens during body composition measurement?

With the help of our body composition measurement (InBody), our patient gets a much more comprehensive picture compared to a simple room scale body weight check. A person’s condition is often determined by their body mass index (BMI), but a high BMI does not clearly indicate obesity as high mass can also come from muscle.

It is not enough to look at body weight alone:

  • it is important to determine what percentage of the body is fat
  • how much of it is found around the internal organs
  • and what percentage of the body is muscle mass.

How does InBody measurement help our patients?

  • The measured values help to develop an accurate training plan and diet
  • contribute to the quick and effective achievement of goals
  • and the change can be tracked by repeating the measurement regularly.