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Walk-run movement pattern repair

A futástanítás során azonosított hibák, aszimmetriák alapján vezetjük rá vendégeinket a számukra optimális mozgásmintára.

Pain during or after running is not natural either. And the solution is usually not a more expensive, new pair of running shoes.

The starting point for pain-free running is correct technique.

The first step for this is a walking-running analysis, which helps to recognize the cause of complaints that have existed for a long time. The second step is learning the right technique.

For running technique training, we use the biomechanical analysis performed after the walking-running assessment as a basis. Based on the identified errors and asymmetries, we guide our guests to the optimal movement pattern for them. It takes at least 3-5 sessions to master this and practice it properly. Progress is recorded continuously, so progress can be tracked. With very small technical changes, we can achieve excellent results both in terms of running efficiency and injury prevention.