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A Jégszauna, azaz kriokezelés a szervezetre kifejtett extrém hideghatás által, számos akut és krónikus betegség kezelésében nyújthat hatékony segítséget.

Medical examination is not required prior to using the ice sauna.

What happens in the ice sauna?

During this type of cryo treatment, the body is exposed to temperatures between minus 100 and 140° C for a very short time (2 to 3 min) in a specially designed cabin called a cryo sauna. Despite the fact that the air in the cabin gradually cools down to a very low temperature, it is also very dry so our body does not freeze in the extreme cold. To compensate for this temperature change, our organs begin to function more switching the immune system into an accelerated mode and triggering the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

It is recommended in the following cases:

  • Against acute and chronic pain
  • To eliminate fatigue and depression
  • To treat hormonal problems and infertility
  • To strengthen the immune system
  • To enhance sports performance
  • To treat sports injuries
  • To eliminate cellulite
  • To burn calorie
  • To achieve beautiful, tight and flawless skin