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“Hatos” massage

A gyógytorna és gyógymasszázs szakértő vezetés mellett enyhíti az ülő életmódból, sportsérülésből, balesetből, vagy posztoperatív állapottal együtt járó fájdalmakat.

A “Hatos” massage does not require a prior medical examination.

About “Hatos” massage

The so called “Hatos” massage (where only massage techniques are used) is designed to find, bring up and strengthen stuck muscles and nerves causing pain.

  • This technique not only helps to eliminate pain but also aids the development of muscles and joints.
  • It is especially recommended for athletes whose injuries (sprain, stretching, etc.) are more difficult to heal, or for those who want to increase their sports performance in general.

“Hatos” massage is an excellent treatment for the following complaints:

  • Spinal hernia (numbness of the waist, legs and buttocks) lumbago
  • Stress line pain: shoulder blade, middle back
  • Upper arm, forearm, thigh and calf pain
  • Long-lasting migraines