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Compression treatment (lymphatic massage)

A kompressziós kezelések segítségével könnyen kezelhetővé válnak a végtagokon kialakult nyirok- és vénás eredetű ödémák.

A compression treatment does not require a prior medical examination.

What is the purpose of this treatment?

A compression device is used to treat lymphedema and other edema of the limbs.

In addition to treating lymphedema, the device supports:

  • prevention and treatment of deep vein thrombosis
  • treatment of limb edema after a paralytic disease
  • treatment of sclerosis caused by venous diseases
  • alleviation of complaints and symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency
  • treatment of lymphedema due to breast surgery and radiotherapy
  • treatment of edema after traumatic and spinal cord injuries
  • alleviation of complaints caused by varicose veins
  • cellulitis – treatment of post-erysipelas edema
  • treatment of edema as a complication of diabetes