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Compression cooling (Game-ready)

A kompressziós gépi jegelés (Game-ready) eljárás egyaránt támogatja a vénás és lymphás visszaáramlást, illetve az anyagcserét és a gázcserét.

Compression treatment does not require a prior medical examination.

Short introduction to compression cooling

Mechanical pneumatic compression is an additional treatment that can be performed based on an appropriate medical indication. Its purpose is to drain liquid.

What is the purpose of this treatment?

  • Both the lympha-mat and vasoflow gradient systems are used to treat venous congestion complaints and to prevent thrombosis.

What happens during treatment?

  • The cuffs are inflated and then emptied applying intermittent pressure to the limbs.
  • While cuff pressure is increasing, tissue squeezing is eliminated providing venous and lymphatic reflux as well as metabolic and gas exchange support.
  • The loss of pressure in the cuffs causes a pressure drop in the deep veins applying a suction force on the superficial vessels.
  • The fluid enters the deep veins and through them to the heart.