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Walk-run analysis

A járás-futáselemzés a páciens a problémáinak korrigálására, a fájdalom megszüntetésére vagy a teljesítmény javítására egyénre szabott tanácsokat kap.

A walk-run analysis does not require a prior medical examination.

What happens during a walk-run analysis?

Our most natural movement is walking and running. Observing the walking posture reveals important information about the condition and development of our joints and muscles.

During a gait test on a special treadmill with sensors, we are able to analyze:

  • the biomechanical parameters of the lower limb, such as:
    • such as foot pressure,
    • stride length
    • and width while walking
    • and running

Based on the data gathered, the patient’s motion can be assessed in terms of harmony and symmetry.

The approximately 60-minute test is especially recommended for those:

  • who run regularly
  • may have had any previous lower limb injuries
  • or want to start running

Based on the values ​​obtained, a textual analysis is made where the patient receives detailed recommendations and suggestions for correcting any problems, eliminating pain, or improving performance.

We can only guarantee an accurate assessment for patients without complaints. In case of injury or pain, please seek an appointment with a doctor first.