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A röntgen vizsgálat gyorsan és egyszerűen lebonyolítható, előzetes felkészülést nem igényel. A beavatkozás kismamák esetében kifejezetten ellenjavallott.

An X-ray does not reqiure a prior medical eximaniton, except in case of pregnancy.

What happens at an x-ray?

X-ray is performed with the help of an ionizing beam, mainly about the bones and joints that make up the body’s skeletal system, and regarding complaints about most chest and abdominal diseases.

  • It is used even before surgeries, and sometimes complements an occupational medical examination.
  • X-ray examination does not require preparation.
  • Important: expectant mothers are advised to indicate their pregnancy prior to the examination since during the first 3 months of pregnancy, the developing fetus is particularly susceptible to X-ray damage.