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Postural line – proprioceptive assessment

Sportolók esetén a sérült lábak megfelelő rehabilitációjának szinte elengedhetetlen része a proprioceptív edzések beiktatása.

A postural line – proprioceptive assessment does not require a prior medical examination.

What is a postural line – proprioceptive assessment?

Postural Line is a four-piece device developed by Technobody Rehabilitation Systems®:

  • to help determine the patient’s static and dynamic balance
  • as well as to get an idea of their general posture control
  • and kinesthesia.

Proprioceptive training not only improves postural stability but is also beneficial in enhancing functional performance, an integral part of lower limb post-injury rehabilitation.

The assessment is recommended:

  • for athletes
  • for the elderly
  • or for those who previously had a lower limb injury and experienced uncoordinated movements as a result