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Polarized light therapy

A Polarizált fényterápia hatékonyan regenerálja és csillapítja a fájdalmat a sérült bőrfelületen, az mozgásszervi izmokban, inakban és az ínszalagokban.

Polarized light therapy does not require a prior medical examination.

When should polarized light therapy be used?

Polarized light therapy can be used effectively to treat injuries and relieve pain in the skin, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

It can also treat the following symptoms::

  • Muscle cramps, muscle fever, muscle stretching, muscle fiber and muscle rupture, external ankle ligament rupture
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Thigh muscle sprain, shoulder sprain, fatigue fracture, traumatic bone fracture
  • Floating shoulder, tennis elbow, golf elbow, running knee, ski joint block
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome, mucositis Cartilage detachment
  • disc herniation, groin hernia, hemorrhoids
  • Heel outgrowth (spur), hammer finger, cam
  • Skin rash, dermatitis