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Adrienn Czene

Czene Adrienn, humánkineziológus

Adrienn Czene

human kinesiologist


I graduated from the University of Physical Education and also studied in Poland and Latvia. I play beach volleyball competitively; sport has always played an important role in my life. My goal is to bring biomechanics closer to people, integrating it into their daily lives. I also want to integrate it even more into professional sports for specialists and competitors alike, facilitating prevention, preparation for competitions and rehabilitation. I feel that my experience gained abroad should be put to effective use in my home country, and I am trying to gain more and more knowledge in my professional field.


Advanced studies:

  • University of Physical Education – Human Kinesiology
  • University of Physical Education in Kraków– Kinesiotherapy
  • Latvian Academy of Sport Education- Health and Rehabilitation

Language skills

English, German, Hungarian