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Málna Balassa

Balassa Málna, gyógytornász, manuálterapeuta

Málna Balassa

physiotherapist, manual therapist


I have been a member of Fájdalom Ambulancia since 2017 where I try to utilize my experience in elite sports and pediatrics both domestic and abroad as effectively as possible for the purpose of healing.

During physiotherapy, I strive to correct and prevent the already established locomotor changes with the goal of developing a general love of movement and body consciousness while guaranteeing a happy environment.


Advanced studies:

  • Semmelweis University – Faculty of Health Sciences – Physiotherapist Bsc
  • Semmelweis University – Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science – Recreation and Health Development


  • Application possibilities of intelligent electrostimulating devices (FES) during rehabilitation – Rehabunio Oktatási
    Kft., Budapest
  • Kinesiology Tape – Massage Education Center, Budapest
  • McKenzie A – McKenzie Institute of Hungary, Budapest
  • Barvichenko manual therapist training – Holistic Medicine Foundation, Budapest
  • Shockwave Therapy – Physiovit
  • Flossing Course – Balance Academy
  • FDM 1 – Oriolus Med

Language skills

English, Hungarian