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Noémi Miskó

Miskó Noémi, humánkineziológus

Noémi Miskó

human kinesiologist


During my university years, it became clear to me that I would like to deal with biomechanics in the long term as a human kinesiologist. I like that its complexity and the series of correlations I find is appealing and requires constant challenge and development. With the help of my Education, I can examine this area comprehensively from several sides. No
matter if it is prevention, assessment, rehabilitation or pre-determined goals, I can get the most out of professional and leisure athletes through my work.


Advanced studies:

  • Human Kinesiology – University of Physical Education
  • Sports rehabilitation trainer
  • Personal Trainer – IWI International Fitness School
  • Sports Nutrition and Nutrition Supplement Course – IWI International Fitness School
  • Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritioninst- International Sports Sciences Association

Language skills

English, Hungarian