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Balanced medicine – holistic medical advice

A Balanced medicine - holisztikus orvosi tanácsadás során elkészített rehabilitációs terv elkészítése során a szervezetet együttműködő egységként értelmezzük.

An orthopedic medical consultation does not require a prior medical examination.

What happens during a holistic medical consultation?

The aim of the Balanced Medicine Assessment Consultation is to discuss specific problems and to reveal the imbalances that may be hidden behind them.

  • Counseling is preceded by a questionnaire which will be emailed to the patient by prior arrangement.
  • The questionnaire also includes topics that might be omitted from a traditional medical history record, placing a strong focus on mapping imbalances.
  • The completed questionnaire is returned to us no later than the day before the consultation helping us to increase its efficiency as the doctor will already be aware of the most important information concerning the patient.

What is the purpose of the consultation?

The purpose of the consultation is not to label the symptoms and treat them by saying “What medicine can we give for this?”

It is more about asking:

  • What makes this imbalance?
  • How does this relate to other symptoms?
  • How can we recover a lost function?

How do we want to achieve it?

Our body is intelligent and has its own self-healing abilities, so it is important to support its processes rather than to attack diseases.

  • The processes that take place in our body are interconnected in a complex network, so they cannot be viewed in isolation.
  • There can be many reasons behind a disease, and a given problem can manifest itself in many diseases as well.
  • The goal is to map this network, identify the weak points, and then support the healing of the body with that knowledge.

The discussion may be followed by a standard medical examination depending on the specific problem, as well as laboratory or other additional examinations available at our outpatient clinic.
Following the assessment, the physician will provide specific advice to the patient if necessary to suggest dietary supplementation, therapeutic interventions, and further testing.