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Orthopedic medical consultation

Az ortopédiai orvosi konzultáció során a részletes kórelőzmény és az állapotfelméréshez szükséges fizikai vizsgálatok alapján készül el a kezelési terv.

An orthopedic medical consultation does not require a prior medical examination.

What happens during an orthopedic medical consultation?

  • During the consultation, we learn the patient’s medical history to reveal the causes leading to the injury and its mechanism.
  • A physical examination is also performed.
  • The specialist will make the exact diagnosis upon which a personalized therapeutic plan will be prepared.
  • If the specialist deems it appropriate, they will recommend additional tests, the results of which may be necessary to develop a comprehensive therapy.
  • The plan includes the types of treatments, the ideal schedule, the expected recovery time, and the outcome.